Eat Yourself Smart! Superfood for Your Brain

Eat Yourself Smart! Superfood for Your Brain

How do you ensure that your brain functions properly? We all know that we are mentally blurred the day after a party or little sleep. Keeping your brain healthy is a matter of a healthy lifestyle over a longer period of time. The older you become, the more the lifestyle starts to count. The lifestyle is a combination of habits in the diet and emotions.

Eat Yourself Smart! Superfood for Your Brain

Give the brain what it needs

1. The brain consists of 60% fat
The cells in the brain consist for the most part of fat, so ensure a good supply of fats. These include the fats from fatty fish such as herring, mackerel, sardines or salmon. Choose wild fish with the MSC logo. We are frightened of saturated fat, but this is based on a misunderstanding. Saturated fats such as cream butter and coconut oil are a basis for good brain functioning in balance with the other fats such as omega-3/6/9. Do not take omega-6 fats because we have surplus animals fed by grains and grain. Omega-6 rich oils are sunflower oil, soy oil, salad oil, peanut oil and rice oil. Limit this as much as possible. Choose instead for unheated olive oil. If you want to supplement extra, krill oil and fermented cod liver oil can be a good addition.

2. Vitamins & minerals
When the base is laid with good fats, it is important to provide the brain with the right vitamins and minerals. Especially the B vitamins are very important for a good memory and magnesium for the stimulus transfer between the nerves. We are not in favor of supplements because these are isolated substances on a synthetic basis that work completely different from the natural ones that often work in balance with other vitamins and minerals and therefore work much more powerfully. This synergistic effect is often lacking with supplements. Supplements can best be used in emergency situations where there are serious shortages. It is better to opt for organic fresh vegetables and fruit for the vitamins.

3. Drinking water
To get and maintain a clear mind it is important that your body can get rid of toxins properly. By drinking sufficient water, optimal flow of all body fluids can take place so that the body can continuously get rid of toxins. The problem of drinking too much water is that you also remove the minerals and throw away the child with the bathwater. Therefore choose unrefined sea salt. By adding this to the drinking water, the body is mineralized and the electrolyte content in the body is maintained. Electrolytes are essential for nerve conduction, also in the brain.

4. Antioxidants Free
radicals are created by the combustion of oxygen, want to neutralize and damage random cells in the body, including in the brain. Antioxidants prevent this and help keep the brain young. Various herbs have a very strong antioxidant effect, but also green tea and dark chocolate. Make sure you get this much, because you really rejuvenate your brain.

5. Intestines healthy, brain healthy
There has been a lot of knowledge about the relationship between the intestines and the brain in recent years. Some basic substances for the neurotransmitters are formed in the intestines. In addition, the health of the intestines determines the absorption of nutrients needed for proper brain function and also determines which bad substances enter the bloodstream that do not belong there. A few books have recently become available in Dutch about getting the bowels healthy. A good recommendation are The intestine thinks along with Klaus-Dietrich Runow and Intestinal complaints from Saskia van As. In a nutshell you can get the bowels healthy by eating as little sugar, cereals, alcohol and dairy products as possible and eating more fish, fiber and leaf green.

6. You are what you eat
Make sure you get good quality food, as unprocessed as possible. Factory food and additives burden the body and the brain. Thus, the taste enhancer E621 and sweetener E951 (Aspartame) can enter the brain and cause the necessary damage.

7. Stress and good habits
By stress, the body and thus the brain gets out of balance. Stress also ensures that the survival mechanism of the brain becomes active and that means that only the lower and primary parts of the brain can function. The lower areas of the brain are involved in matters that primarily contribute to surviving, clear thinking is not part of this. The higher brain areas include memory and judgment. Make sure that you have as little stress as possible by exercising regularly and taking sufficient (night) rest. If you have a lot of tension you can also do assertiveness training to learn how to deal with yourself and others.

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