73 Tips to Stimulate Your Brain

73 Tips to Stimulate Your Brain

Use it or lose it. The brain benefits from the challenge so that new neural networks can be developed. In addition, it is necessary to maintain the neuro network, otherwise, the connections will become less and less strong. To help you find ways to challenge the brain, below 73 tips:

73 Tips to Stimulate Your Brain

  1. Take a  different route than normal.
  2. Meditate: research has shown essential changes in the brain.
  3. Sit upright, so the blood flows better to the brain.
  4. Do breathing exercises, to provide the brain with more oxygen.
  5. Think positive and in possibilities, so you reduce stress.
  6. Learn a new language,  you force the brain to focus.
  7. Make choices: do what is important to you, but avoid a crowded agenda.
  8. Learn how to play a  musical instrument: this way you improve the coordination and the connection between the left and right hemispheres.
  9. Do brain games: there are plenty of puzzle books for sale, or otherwise, install a nice brain game App on your iPhone or iPad.
  10. Write: by writing you organize the world and rest the brain.
  11. Listen to classical music: research has seen positive changes in brainwaves after listening to classical music.
  12. Trust your intuition: this is the ability of the right hemisphere and unconsciously knows a great deal.
  13. Take rest: by taking a rest and sleeping well you keep your head free for good ideas.
  14. Avoid allergens such  as gluten, milk products and sugar.
  15. Drink a little caffeine every now and then, but not too much.
  16. Listen to a course or podcast on your Mp3 player when you are on your way. In 10 years you can easily go through a university study while you are in a traffic jam.
  17. Imagination: use the power of your imagination to practice with speeches, conversations and competitions. The brain can not perceive the difference between fantasy and reality.
  18. Talk: go into the conversation with the people around you and discuss, you develop the verbal power.
  19. Do something you like: if you like something you usually go a step further and give more.
  20. Adapt your faith: there are many limitations in our faith, believe something different and you can do much more than you think.
  21. Do new things: your brain stimulates you in this way to adapt and become flexible.
  22. Brushing teeth: brush your teeth again with your other hand, it is harder than you think.
  23. Model others: would you like to be like someone else? Observe this person well and try it yourself. That person has also started sometime.
  24. Walk daily: good circulation of the brain is essential for proper brain function.
  25. Singing: singing is very healthy and you also have to do a lot of things at once, reproduce text, keep pitch and stay in time.
  26. Limit stress: talk about your feelings and problems with others.
  27. Do a home study or course: you are never too old to learn new things.
  28. Alcohol? Rather not, but you still take it occasionally choose red wine or a beer.
  29. Do something that scares you every day: this will change your stuck thoughts.
  30. Talk less: listen to what others have to say.
  31. Believe in yourself: if you do not, no one will.
  32. Blindfold yourself for a certain time: you now have to rely on other senses. Very educational.
  33. Take a risk: Do you always play safe? Do something crazy once: give that wanderer a coin or go to that one strange restaurant.
  34. Walk naked through the house: stimulates the senses and feels very different.
  35. Read: reading books, stories and websites allows the brain to get acquainted with new insights and ideas.
  36. Write a story about yourself: can you express yourself in 1000 words, what you stand for?
  37. Reduce contact with negative people: you want to look at the world positively and if people are stuck in their negative thoughts they can pull you into it. Then limit the contact in that case. You are not responsible for their happiness.
  38. Negotiate the price: give good arguments why you think it can be cheaper. Makes you inventive and communicative.
  39. Develop gratitude: being grateful for what you have now is an essential element to feel good.
  40. Think about how you want to have your life in 20 years and start working on it today. Every step in that direction is one.
  41. Read a book for the second time, suddenly you all notice other things. In the repetition is the power of learning.
  42. Forgive your fellow man: walking around for years with resentment keeps you where you are now. It is better to take the step to the rest of your life.
  43. Take a lazy day: doing nothing can be very good and you can come up with new ideas.
  44. Consider 15 qualities that you own and have the world to offer.
  45. Respond to an article and engage in discussion with the people.
  46. Give compliments to the people you deal with a lot.
  47. Create a video for YouTube.
  48. Make a list of all your worries, is it really all that bad or are there also positive aspects?
  49. Work on every care: after a few years the worries will disappear or in any case will be greatly reduced.
  50. Read about successful people: how did it come about and what ingredients can you take over?
  51. Explore unknowns. always wanted to know what Twitter is now, or how to prepare Roti in the kitchen? Make time for this and grow in it.
  52. Stop the newspaper, the news and soaps: it contains a lot of negativity and does not help you any further.
  53. Do something spontaneous: go crazy and suddenly go to the sauna or call a friend to the cinema.
  54. Give feedback to an author: they will like it and it sharpens your mind to express what it has done to you.
  55. Your thoughts have powers: try to have a pure thought life, they really affect your life and the world.
  56. Give errors: everyone makes mistakes, that is very human.
  57. Put on paper what you really want to do. why do not you do it? What do you need to do it for real?
  58. Pass on your knowledge: by telling others what you know, you test yourself if you still have gaps.
  59. Change your way of thinking: if something does not bring the fruits you are looking for, try to do it differently and perhaps you will be more successful.
  60. Think about what you want and feed this wish regularly. Send it out in thought. You get what you give.
  61. Always provide a good breakfast: this is the start of the day and your mind will thank you.
  62. Think what people would say about you if you died now. Helps to distance yourself from your daily routine.
  63. Make new friends: getting to know new people is fun and broadens your worldview. Connect with people in the sports club, associations or courses.
  64. Do the  TV and computer a night out: is it easy or difficult to entertain yourself?
  65. Test what you believe: is what you believe really true, how can you know for sure? How strong are the proofs?
  66. Take a power nap: close your eyes for 5 minutes and do not think about anything at all. An absolute brain rest.
  67. Go travelling: by travelling you learn new places, habits, knowledge and you broaden your horizons.
  68. Clean up your house: a tidy house creates a tidy mind.
  69. YouTube: Watch a motivational video on YouTube every morning.
  70. Keep track of your field: theories are regularly revised. Are your thoughts still correct?
  71. Take action: make sure that every day you take action to increase your confidence.
  72. Go out: the theatre, concert hall or the film can give new input to change your worldview.
  73. Do volunteer work: you learn new things and connect with new people.

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