Male Infertility Facts

A Brief Guide to Male Infertility Facts

In medical science, infertility refers to the inability of couples to conceive a child even after having sexual intercourse for over a year without the aid of birth control techniques. According to many prominent experts specializing in gynecology, obstetrics, infertility, and Andrology, male infertility is the main cause behind one-third of the cases where couples were unable to conceive children even after through sexual intercourse for over a year.

Male Infertility Facts

Just like women, men also find it difficult to accept the truth that they are infertile and have to endure the most of the social stigma of being infertile. A majority of male infertility issues result from the low production of sperm count, low sperm quality, hormonal imbalance or disorder, trauma, obstruction, and dysfunctional sexual functions. However, the apparent silver lining in this grey cloud is that these medical experts say that half of the cases of male infertility are treatable.

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According to the fertility experts at this prominent fertility clinic specializing in andrology, the symptoms of male infertility are not always visible but the most probable causes of male infertility are:

  • Low sperm count

Medical experts say that if the male patient has a sperm count of ten million and below per milliliter of semen, he has a low sperm concentration that results in infertility.

  • Irregular production of sperm

This occurs in male patients when there a defect in the processing of sperms in the testes. For any reason, if the shape, structure, and size of the sperm obstruct its movement, it finds it difficult to reach the egg.

  • Dysfunctions in the Pituitary glands

The fertility experts at this prominent fertility clinic say that if this particular gland does not invigorate the testes it results in low levels of testosterone.

  • Sexual Dysfunctions

The fertility experts explain that problems that a male partner may encounter during sexual intercourse with his female partner or factors that hinder his performance during the intercourse can result in infertility. The factors relate to problems in ejaculating, low sex drive and getting an erection.

  • Blockages

Fertility experts explain that if there are obstructions in the testes tubes in a male patient, it results in a very low sperm count in the semen during ejaculation.

  • Lifestyle

A man’s lifestyle can be a powerful factor in changing his bodily functions. It is imperative for men to avoid smoking alcohol, drugs, casual sex, and saunas as it results in low sperm count and lowers the quality of sperms resulting in infertility.

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