The Top 5 Benefits Of Vitamin C

The Top 5 Benefits Of Vitamin C

Vitamin C is an essential vitamin found naturally in foods, it infuses the body with multiple benefits and contributes to healthy bodily function. Although our body cannot naturally produce it, we can benefit from this nutrient with a balanced diet, nutrient-rich foods and, even dietary supplements.

So, people whose diet includes vitamin-rich foods, such as fruits and vegetables are more likely to experience the benefits of Vitamin C in their daily lives. With modern diets and lifestyles, more people are turning to vitamin C supplements to fulfill their needs or boost the vitamins already present in their diet. Vitamin C supplements with liposomes can deliver more vitamin C into the body than ordinary vitamin C supplements. This happens as the liposomes stop the body from breaking it down during digestion, allowing the body to absorb more nutrients over a longer period.

Now, let’s discuss why our bodies need Vitamin C, we have hand-picked the top 5 benefits of intaking vitamin C as part of your diet.

  • Helps to Boost Immunity

One of the primary reasons for incorporating vitamin C supplements into your diet is for boosting immunity. The role that vitamin C plays in many parts of our immune system makes this so vital. First of all, vitamin C helps in promoting the production of phagocytes and lymphocytes. These further act as a shield to infection for the body.

Secondly, vitamin C helps to improve the functioning of white blood cells more effectively. Thirdly, it shortens the healing time of the wound as low vitamin C levels increase the recovery time.

  • Boosts Collagen Synthesis

Collagen is the protein that plays a crucial role in improving the texture of our skin, hair, and nails. It is a natural substance present in our bodies. However, as we age, its production also reduces gradually. So, it is very important to maintain vitamin C levels in the body for increased production of collagen.

Several anti-aging creams rave about the infusion of collagen as if it’s the anti-aging savior. We must acknowledge that our bodies express our diets, externally. So, the intake of vitamin C-rich food and supplements helps to increase the production of collagen. Consequently, you get healthier, younger-looking and, wrinkle-free skin.

Vitamin C reduces signs of aging and also minimizes pigmentation. So, if you wish to get glowing and younger-looking skin, load up your diet with Vitamin C foods and supplements.

  • Minimizes The Risk of Some Chronic Disease

As we’ve mentioned, Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that can stimulate the body’s immune system. It helps to boost the natural defense mechanism of the body. Antioxidants protect the cells from free radicals, which are harmful molecules.

When these free radicals gather in the body, they are likely to encourage oxidative stress. The oxidative stresses are closely linked with several chronic diseases.

You can stop these harmful molecules from accumulating by increasing the consumption of Vitamin C in the diet or using supplements. These vitamins have the potential to strengthen the level of the blood antioxidant by 30%. Accordingly, it will reduce the chances of chronic diseases such as heart disease, as it acts as a natural defense to strengthen our bodies, particularly as we age.

  • Reduces the Severity of Common Cold and Flu

Vitamin C is an essential vitamin that can aid in something we’ve all experienced, the common cough and cold! Yes, it’s true vitamin C is likely to help in reducing the severity when the common cold or flu strikes. Vitamin C acts as a savior to lower the symptoms of the common cold or flu, including a runny nose, congestion, and inflammation of the throat and nasal passages.

The right level of vitamin C has the potential to not only help in controlling the cause of allergy and cold but also lessen the duration of it.

  • Helps to Avoid Iron Deficiency

Iron is an essential nutrient that helps in the formation of red blood cells in our bodies, as well as acting as a carrier of oxygen throughout our body. Vitamin C helps to increase the rate at which our bodies absorb the iron present in the food we consume, as it is often poorly absorbed.

People who have iron deficiency or anemia may run the risk of low hemoglobin levels. Vitamin C also reduces its risk. The consumption of Vitamin C has been shown to help reduce iron deficiency by almost 67%.

The Bottom line

Vitamin C helps to boost the immune system and protects the body from falling sick. However, we often neglect to incorporate Vitamin C-rich foods and supplements that positively impact our bodies. If your body has a deficiency of vitamin C, then you may go through unhealthy weight loss, joint and muscle pain, dry skin, flaky scalp, fatigue, and many more unpleasant symptoms.

Vitamin C, amongst other essential vitamins, plays a significant role in helping us maintain a healthy body. If you are considering incorporating supplements into your diet, consult your doctor for additional advice in maximising their benefits.

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