Strangest Human Allergies

Strangest Human Allergies


Being allergic to something means you have some negative reaction towards them. There are over millions of people who are allergic either one or two things and in this case, they are probably stocking up allergy medicines, Kleenex and nasal sprays.

Strangest Human Allergies

The list below gives some of unexpected and obscure allergies people suffer in different parts of the world:

Allergy to sunlight

  • People allergic to ultraviolet radiation breaks out if they are exposed to even minimal visible light.
  • To help them in such conditions, they are advised to stay indoors or even take antihistamines which in most cases works for around 30 minutes and the conditions resume if they expose themselves to the sun for long.

Allergy to water

  • This is mostly referred to as Aqua-genic urticarial a rare but real disorder. If these people come into contact with water, their body breaks into red and or white hives. Mostly researchers say women are the common victims.
  • The currents treatments available have proven to lessen the situations but none is capable of eradicating the whole health problem.

Organism-Seminal Plasma Hypersensitivity

  • Mostly men are the victims in which their body reacts negatively to the ejaculation process. After ejaculation, they may suffer from stinging eyes, fever or running nose for some days.
  • For women, they suffer a similar seamen allergy known seminal plasma hypersensitivity.
  • The available treatments are just under trial stages and nothing has been conclusively proven to deal with the disorder.

Hormones allergy

  • Some women immune system mistakes perfectly harmless body chemicals as assailants thus provoking the attack on them. Women have constant hormones shifts like asthma, dermatitis, and migraines which may cause allergic disorder to a few.
  • Medical professionals are trying as much as they can to bring a solution to this issue.

Money allergy

  • Some of the devices we use daily contain nickel a product which is used in making of most of the currencies in the world. For those people who have a negative reaction towards nickel as a product has found it hard to leave with money closer to them.
  • They are finding life unbearable because nickel has taken strong roots in most of our daily used products like guitar, coins, stainless steel, and batteries.

Allergy to exercise

  • This is triggered by combining exercise with either pharmaceutical and food products. Victims may have to swell around necks, itchy skin and torso after completing an exercise for a prolonged period of about 30 minutes to even a couple of hours.
  • Researchers have developed an epinephrine kit for this disorder. Victims administer prescribed medics to themselves just minutes before going into state unconsciousness.

Allergic to touch

  • This is called Demographicurticarial disorder in which skin reacts to even minor touches or pressure impacted on them. This has been attributed to out of control mast cells which releases histamines.
  • Swelling caused by histamines lasts for the dozen minutes and disappear. The condition is reduced on daily bases by use of antihistamine doses.


Are you sensing allergic disorder, either common or uncommon? If yes then you need to consult the available doctor for a detailed skin test. The European citizens are advised to carry their ethic medical card always even when traveling to any European Union country. It is useful during emergencies and one you are entitled to same medical services as local citizens if you are in Europe. Visiting doctors in case of problems Safeguard against illness or even death.

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