More than one for better results!

More than one for better results!

A smart you!

Who does not want to be smart and popular? The smartness that is born with or develops as we learn new things, gets diminished as we age and aging was a slow process in the past decades whereas now, it is happening very fast that even the younger generation looks like they are older than their actual age. They are slow in their work, slow on the uptake, and forget things and many other weaknesses that have crept in have made them appear older than their years. Apart from the daily stress of life, there are other factors which contribute to these changes and one among them is the change in brain chemical balance. The brain is deficient in the nourishment that is essential for growth and well being and this makes them very unproductive and slow.

More than one for better results!

The product:

The product that is under discussion here is piracetam which is considered the smart remedy which helps in alleviating several conditions that you suffer from both mentally and physically. Piracetam is a well-known product all around the world and getting more popular each day. Many are into combining other formulations with piracetam which will enhance the effects of piracetam which in this case is choline. This process of adding or combining other formulations to the actual product is called as stacking which is very common in the sports arena. But, the right ratio for this stack has to be worked out and the right species of choline has to be chosen to achieve the effect which piracetam alone cannot give.

In easy steps:

There are a few easy steps which you have to follow for getting the right ratio as expected in order to get the results. The stack up of choline has to be initiated with the right dosage of both the piracetam and the choline to work better. The advised dosage level ranges between almost ten to twenty grams each day. The whole dosage has to be divided into three equal parts and taken as many numbers of times per day. If you are new to piracetam you can start with a very low dosage level of eight hundred milligrams to sixteen hundred milligrams per day and increase slowly as you go on. The recommended dosage, however, is four to five gram per day. The optimum dosage has to be standardized for you individually and it is the dosage at which you feel the right effects.

The choline type:

When you have decided to stack up for this project, you have to find the right type of choline to do it so that you actually achieve the synergistic effects you desire to get. The species of choline to be used are choline bitartrate, alpha GPC, and citicoline.

Wait a while:

 It is important that you give yourself some time before you start to stack up on piracetam with whatever type choline you choose. The system has to get adjusted to piracetam first and then it can handle the stacking up with choline. Waiting for at least two weeks would be wonderful. After a while, you can start on with choline for maximum benefit.

Expected effects:

The use of piracetam coupled with choline is used in order to achieve specific results such as improvement in memory, cure anxiety, and mental depression, have more energy, attain focus and improve cognitive levels and many other emotional conditions. The synergistic effects can be had with the right combination for the two formulations and the right ratio for this stack has to be worked out individually.

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