Fitness and Strength Sports 10 Tips for Better Performance

Fitness and Strength Sports: 10 Tips for Better Performance

The 1700 gyms in the Netherlands employ over 2.5 million members. At least, on paper. Most gyms have voluntary donors who provide a constant source of income: the so-called sleeping members. Sleeping members have once started out from an ideal in sports, but have lost motivation after a short time. With our tips, you will keep it full!

Keep track of your progress
Measure the size of your upper arm, torso or stomach using a measuring tape. Once you see that your hard work is rewarded in the form of more muscle mass, then that is a good motivator to continue. There are also people who take pictures and put them side by side. The famous before and after photos. Sometimes you see a big difference after a few weeks, especially if you are just starting out. Fun for facebook and motivating!

Fitness and Strength Sports 10 Tips for Better Performance

Set goals
If you do not have a goal, you also do not know where to kick the ball. Always set goals for 3 months, half a year, one year and 10 years. If you know what you are doing, you are prepared to give more. A bucket is filled drop by drop. One drop may not seem like much, but all the drops together can cause the whole bucket to become full. So it is with fitness and strength training: every training brings you closer to your goal. Beware: do not go too fast! Muscles have a recovery period of 48 hours, but for tendons and attachments, it takes 2 months. Give your body time to get used to the heavier weight. If you want to get too fast, you will soon have to deal with injuries and that does not benefit your goal.

Eat good
People who want to grow more muscle mass with strength training and fitness tend to work a huge amount of protein inside. Proteins burden your body. The liver has to process it and an enormous amount of nitrogen is released. The body can only handle a limited amount of protein, so do not overdo it. The best sources are the natural sources because there are also nutrients that ensure a good absorption of the amino acids. Protein powders, unfortunately, do not have natural additives that can deplete your body in the long run. Protein powders do have a lot of synthetic additives such as artificial sweeteners. These sweeteners are difficult to break down for the body and can be better avoided. Dairy products are in any case debatable given the popularity of the Paleo diet. Approximately 30% of people are intolerant of dairy products due to, among other things, the difficult to digest milk protein casein. True health starts in the intestines! Do you suffer from overweight? Then try to leave bread and you will notice that you will soon become slimmer. A good diet consists of a lot of vegetables and fish.

Drink enough water
During sports you do not only sweat a lot if you at least work hard, but also the blood flows so that your body detoxifies as much as possible. Your body uses a lot of water in this way and you must certainly add that. In gyms, they often serve drinks rich in a mountain of synthetic e-numbers such as sweeteners and dyes. Sweeteners put your body on the wrong track: the body thinks it is sweet and anticipates by making insulin. The sugar does not come, so you get a sugar dip and want to start sowing. The body is set on survival and in the case of a sugar dip you throw everything inside that contains sugar. It is best to drink water where you have added some mineral salt:

You can only keep your sports full if you also see progress. Your body is an intelligent organism and is committed to a certain amount of weight. Your body also gets used to the duration: if you start cycling every day for 15 minutes to work, then that is not a problem after a while. If you suddenly cycle for 60 minutes, you notice that your body can have trouble with that. By varying in intensity, repetitions and types of exercises, your body has to keep adjusting, so that you greatly promote your growth. If your body is used to a certain amount of effort once, it stops growing. It is best to completely change your schedule every 6 weeks.

The right order
Always do a warm-up and cool-down to avoid injuries. Your blood circulation has to come on. First, train the main muscle groups such as the back or legs and then do some detailed exercises such as the biceps. The main muscle groups lust a lot of energy and you can also have better. Do not make the mistake of just focusing on your favourite muscle group, but divide it and make sure you are in balance. If you do not train your legs, your upper body will never grow big because the body strives for balance.

Limit cardio
If we look at evolution, we are people made to build houses and work with smart tools. We are not built to run marathons, otherwise, we would have had 4 legs. Research has shown that cardio can support, but only 15 minutes after strength training. The best is interval training. You do not lose weight in the gym, here you kick your muscles on their tail. Outside the gym, your muscles will grow, increasing the number of power plants, mitochondria, and ensuring a higher base combustion. Too much cardio brings your body hormonally out of balance because your body wants to arm itself against the excessive energy consumption and will hold on to fat for the next cardio session. Short cardio interval sessions balance your hormones.

No time? Only do one set
If you do not have enough time, go to the gym anyway, but only do each exercise once. Approximately 80% of the muscle damage you need for muscle growth takes place during the first set of exercise. It is, therefore, better to go to the gym shortly if you like your progress, then skip it once. Skipping once is not a problem, because your body can use some rest, but if the times you skip too much, then you can adjust your postpone.

Train with a buddy
The gym has a huge amount of sleeping members. Prevent you from going to sleep as a member by looking for a sports buddy. If you do not feel like it, the other person will drag you through. It is cosier and you can stimulate and support each other in the exercises. Training at regular times during the week can help to keep up with the good habit. If you train at different times each time, it is lurking that the training affects a poor child.

Grab the sauna
During exercise, you can see that the muscles produce an enormous amount of lactic acid, which gives you muscle pain and the recovery takes longer. By going to the sauna you help the blood circulation just as well and therefore the lactic acid can be discharged. Walking the day after training has a similar effect.

Exercising is incredibly important to prevent diseases. If you do not like fitness, you can also take part in group classes such as Zumba or spinning. If you do not like it, find something that suits you: cycling, walking, running, tennis, football and so on. Individually or in the group: it does not matter if you just move. Stagnation means decline!

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