Benefits of Herbal Haircolour Products

Benefits of Herbal Haircolour Products

It was always all about that hair. Since we were just little girls, we loved playing with it, putting our mother’s curlers, or that one time when we took a felt pen and dyed a few locks our hair because we were bored with our natural color. As soon as we were old enough to decide on our own what kind of hairstyle we want, we picked up an iron and one of the numerous hair coloring products and started experimenting.

Benefits of Herbal Haircolour Products

Now that we are older, not much has changed, it is just that we know a little bit better what we are doing. But are we aware of the fact how much damage we are actually doing to our hair? Do we really know how to pick the right product? Not so recently, many salons have started offering hair color products that are made strictly form natural ingredients, claiming that they are not only environmentally friendly but also extremely good for your hair. But is it true? Can you really make that drastic change? Let’s see what are some of the basic characteristics of both types, and have you decide for yourself.

Hair Coloring Products

Those who have started experimenting with their hair color really young probably know that there are numerous ways to approach this endeavor.

One of the ways to temporarily change the color of your hair is to use chalk, and it is most commonly recommended to women with dark hair who have problems with switching to different hair color the first time they decide to do it. You simply spray the locks that you wish to color until they are completely dumped and wait for them to dry.

There is also kool-aid, a powder that you pour into a pan and add water. When you get a liquid substance, put it on the stove. After it, let it cool and dip your hair into it for about 2 to 3 minutes. The problem with it is that you cannot predict how long the dye is going to stay on your hair, because it depends on its texture.

One other quite popular technique includes colored hairspray, and it is considered one of the easiest ones. They are also fun to use because you just spray your hair with it, and if you are not satisfied with it, simply wash it, and you are back to square one. It is extremely useful for one-night events, but you need to be careful not to rub it against your clothing while you are out, but even if you do, no worries, as it is easy to wash off.

Going Green while Dying Your Hair

But all the traditional hair coloring products eventually destroy your hair, make it dry and less vibrant, and the longer you dye it, the faster it starts fading after a treatment. To keep your hair healthier, and looking fresher, consider using organic hair dye along with all the other organic beauty products there are. Standard coloring products are full of different chemicals, and you can not be sure how safe they are, because even though they appear in limited doses, you never know what they can do to your hair on the long run, but also how much can they affect your whole organism. Organic color, on the other hand, is completely ammonia-free, and after only a couple of treatments, you can see a significant difference when it comes to quality of your hair.

Because these coloring products are 98 or 99% organic, and synthetic ingredients, pigments, and stabilizers are only this small leftover percent, people do not have faith in going green when deciding to change their hair color. However, those who have tried it, claim that the whole experience is more enjoyable since these products contain aloe vera leaf, orange peel, and grapefruit seed, so they have an extremely pleasant smell, and you do not have that annoying headache that you tend to leave the salon with. More importantly, after treating your hair with an organic hair dye, you will not need to wait for it to go through a couple of washes before the root blends with the rest of the hair, like when it happens with standard products that you are probably used to.

If you care about your hair, but also the environment, the transition to herbal hair color products will not be so hard for you. You will notice that your hair feels lighter, softer, shinier, and most importantly, healthier.

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